Bushey Berlin Trip

See Berlin Trip for details.

Yom Hashoah

See the report of the moving Yom Hashoah evening HERE

Shabbat Times

26th / 27th May 2017
2nd Sivan 5777
Shabbat starts: 7.50pm
Shabbat ends: 10.04pm
Shabbat Newsletter

Shalom, and welcome to Bushey United Synagogue

We have a rich history of over 40 years, and are continuing to welcome new members of all ages.

Our success and continued growth is largely due to the inspired leadership we received from Rabbi Meir Salasnik and his wife Judy, who retired on 12th September 2016 after 37 years of leading and serving our community.

Rabbi Elchonon Feldman & family joined us on 1st December 2016.

World Jewish Relief

Volunteer Wanted.

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Bushey Shabbat of Community Celebration

In June, there will be a special weekend for the Rabbi & Rebbetzin's Induction.

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CRP (Certificate of Religious Practice)

All You Need To Know About Point Collecting In Bushey and What You & Your Children Can Look Forward To Enjoying

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Bushey Facebook Group

Are you on Facebook? Join our Facebook group and stay tuned-in to the community, wherever you are. Search "Bushey United Synagogue" and click to join.

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The Additional Friday Night Minyan

The additional Friday Night Minyan runs from Pesach to Rosh Hashanah.

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Future Events at Bushey

Rabbi Elchonon & Jacqueline are planning several events

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Friday Night Dinners

If you, or anyone you know, are on your own on Friday nights and would like to join a family from our community for dinner, please let us know.

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Updated Website Launched

You will need to enter the password to see the content.

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Our new Rabbi and his family have arrived!

Rabbi Feldman & family

Dear Friends: it is hard to believe that these last six months have gone by so quickly and here we are, Jacqueline, myself and our family, ready and excited to begin with all of you, our wonderful community, the next fantastic chapter of Bushey Shul. From the onset we want to convey our thanks and appreciation to the many individuals who have helped us with this transition. You have turned what could have been a difficult move into an actual positive experience. Thank you all so much.

Over these past six months Jacqueline and I have begun to see that the members of our Bushey community have contacts and connections to so many different people and places and over this last half year we have already begun to meet and chat with many of you. The feelings of welcome and warmth that we have received by all have been touching and we are so appreciative. It is our desire to now in kind begin to share our sentiments and heartfelt care to all of you too. With this in mind, it is our intention to find many and varied ways of meeting and greeting as many of you as possible. These points of contact will be advertised and shared with all of you, so please be on the lookout for further information about such events and opportunities. Ensuring that you, your friends’ and family’s current email addresses are on our updated email listings for regular contact, along with joining the Bushey Synagogue Facebook Group, will help to make sure that Jacqueline and I can get in touch with you all. I will also have specific hours that I will be based in my office, where my Rabbi Surgery will be open for all appointments and visitors. My email address and other contact information will be shared shortly as some of these details have not been fully confirmed yet, but will be soon.

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