During the Kol Nidre appeal we advised our members that we would be raising money for the following.

24% would be subscribed to the US Head Office and this will be used by them to support.

  • Living and learning– the department that produces jewish online
  • Tribe – who, amongst other things, help us to make children’s services more inspiring;
  • The chesed bursary fund – which helps jewish families, who can’t afford to do things for their kids
  • Chaplaincy at universities

74% was left to our control and would be used as follows.

50% this is being kept within in our own community with a specific emphasis on the youth. We are going to have a youth movement in our own diaspora that other shul’s youth will be trying to register with, our youth are going to be given education, social activities, a place of their own, somewhere they can come to study torah, relax or work,

We want to set up a bursary fund so that in the future we can make sure all our own children who for unfortunate reasons cannot go on shul trips, can.

We will put funds to secure the other clubs in our diaspora for old and young.

Now to the balance 24%

The first is our partner the UJIA, we have agreed with them this year to contribute 10%.

The balance 14% is being donated to one family, please look this charity up online and you will see that this charity is one of many who does great work in israel and we are delighted to support them for this year.

Even though we have made this appeal and you would have submitted your pledge cards we ask you to continue to give to all the above throughout the year

Thanks for your kind donations