BLT (Bushey Learns Together)

BLT Learning Opportunities

The autumn 2021 series is about to start.

There are 2 sessions each night:

Guest Keynote Speakers

  • Mr Andrew Neil, Journalist with a talk titled ‘An insight into the World and UK Politics’. 
  • To be Confirmed
  • Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis – ‘Its Time to Go Green’ – Reflections on the UN Climate Change Conference COP26

2nd Session – choose from

  • Rabbi Elchonon Feldman – Communities in Conversion
  • Jewflix with Rebbetzen Jacqueline

The costs are Members: £5 per session, £10 for all three sessions

Non-members: £5 per session.

To book, see the Upcoming Events for BLT.

Write-ups of previous learning experiences can be found in Past Events. A selection are also shown here, from newest to oldest.

BLT Rabbi Joseph Dweck:  ‘Small Steps, Giant Thoughts’

BLT Scott Saunders:  “Why I created March of the Living UK”

BLT Rabbi Daniel Rowe, Executive Director of Aish UK:  ‘5 levels of Living: Looking After Myself vs looking After the World’

BLT Jemma Levene:  “Hope not Hate, the state of hate in 2019”

BLT Ari Schonbrun: “Miracles and Fate on 78: A 9/11 Story of Inspiration”

BLT Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz on ‘Medical Ethics’

Leaping towards Pesach with Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz on the pre Pesach experience

Engage 2nd session with Sassy Reuvein on ‘Operation Thunderbolt – The Miracle at Entebbe’

Engage, with the Chief Rabbi where we were honoured to welcome Chief Rabbi Mirvis. He spoke on ‘The Omer, from tears to joy’

BLT – Lord Finkelstein with Lord Daniel Finkelstein – ‘Six things I believe’

BLT – Melvyn Hartog with Melvyn Hartog, Head of the US’s Burial Society on ‘Talking about death won’t kill you!’

BLT Presents Alex Brummer with Alex Brummer  on ‘the role of UNWRA’

BLT – Hermie Rothman – Hitler’s Will with Hermie Rothman on his involvement with ‘Hitler’s Will’

BLT Film – Crossing the Line A student evening at Bushey: Is it all academic? Students from London based universities discussed the film, ‘Crossing the Line‘

BLT Autumn 2014 – Nik Frank with Nik Frank on ‘My Father – The Nazi’

Former Mayor of Sderot with former Mayor of Sderot, David Bouskila, on the harsh reality of life with Gazan rockets and terror at all times

Science and the Bible at Odds with Professor Gerald Schroeder, an Orthodox Jewish physicist, author, lecturer and teacher from Jerusalem who focuses on what he perceives to be an inherent relationship between science and spirituality

Rabbi Richards Interviews Nicky Larkin for BLT with Nicky Larkin describing how he went to the Middle-East to shoot a film on the Arab-Israel conflict

BLT Week 3 – Crisis in the Middle East? with Neil Lazarus on 

BLT Week 2 – From the Profits of the Law to the Law of the Prophets with Deputy District Judge Rev Shlomo Kreiman with being a criminal judge in Magistrate courts and a tribunal judge for the Department of Works and Pensions

BLT Week 1 – Shechita with Shimon Cohen