BLT Week 2 - From the Profits of the Law to the Law of the Prophets

26-Oct-2013 - 7:00pm

Deputy District Judge Rev Shlomo Kreiman treated the BLT audience to a great talk

Deputy District Judge Rev Shlomo Kreiman treated the BLT audience to a humorous and gentle insight into the vagaries of the decisions and challenges he faces in being both a criminal judge in Magistrate courts and a tribunal judge for the Department of Works and Pensions.

Being an orthodox Minister, it was very clear that Judaism is interwoven into every aspect of Rev Shlomo’s work. He explained the importance of recognising what is going on in people’s lives balanced with what you feel you have to do, placing emphasis on introspection in how you deal with people. He tries to put people at ease in court, and is quick witted and sharp, in seeing through where all is not what it should be.

He wears his kippah, not a wig and takes great store when appreciated for his approach even when the defendant does not succeed. Some previous judicial cases were shared, bringing to life the real human stories. The way these were dealt with, reflect on Jewish teachings in showing rachmanuss (compassion) beyond just blindly applying strict interpretations of the law. Deputy District Judge Kreiman highlighted how our familiar Yom Kippur repose of Teruma (repentance) Tephilla (prayer), and Tzedaka (charity) “…to avert the evil decree” do readily sit behind the just application of the law.

Our speaker took us through an interactive case-study. The lively questions and varied opinions offered by Bushey helped to reinforce the Deputy District Judge’s daily challenge in dealing with life’s complexities with an insight to the considerations exercised when passing judgement. A humorous and thought-provoking talk, that was well received and gave real life enactment of Jewish values in criminal and civil law.