BLT Week 3 - Crisis in the Middle East?

28-Oct-2013 - 6:45pm

Neil Lazarus spoke at Bushey Synagogue as part of the BLT learning programme

Neil Lazarus spoke at Bushey Synagogue as part of the BLT learning programme. He is a motivating speaker who gave the most interesting assessment of the current state of the region. To be able to make a very confusing issue more understandable to people who may have or may not some knowledge of the region but are very confused due to the different factions fighting for power is a great attribute to him. The packed hall were spell bound by his presentation and explanation of the current state of play.

For once Israel is not at the centre of the disputes. The civil wars between the various factions of the Islamic world have taken over the stage. The Western countries seem to be powerless and Russia and China seem to have gained a bigger foothold on the region. The real enemy who are pulling the strings according to Mr Lazarus is the Iranian government and the Clerics behind them who are causing the revolutions in most countries in the region.

Mr Lazarus was in full swing when the fire alarm sounded and we had an orderly evacuation of the building. When we returned after 10 minutes, thankfully a false alarm, Neil explained the difference between the response in Israel and the response in the UK to an alarm. In Israel you have 15 seconds to get into a shelter, while we left the building in a calm manner without rushing, taking a much longer time. (The odds of a missile being aimed at Bushey were a little on the low side at this time.) The lesson was not lost because it did make us think about how at anytime Israel can be targeted by missiles from the various borders.

Everybody was so pleased to be able to attend and listen to a really first rate presentation.

By Lawrence Bentley