ENGAGE, with the Chief Rabbi

01-Jun-2016 - 8:00pm

The Chief Rabbi came to launch a new learning program run by Chazan Yossi and Miriam Saunders called Project Engage


On Wednesday June 1st, the Chief Rabbi came to Bushey Synagogue to launch a new learning program run by Chazan Yossi and Miriam Saunders called Project Engage. The 5 week program kicked off with a buffet reception attended by over 150 people. Chazan Yossi introduce some of the youth who gave a presentation on why Bushey Shul engages with them. After the presentation, Chazan Yossi reminded the audience that when the Chief Rabbi was inaugurated, he urged us all to come with him on a journey to build vibrant communities, with education at the heart, allowing everyone to have a spiritual experience, and that engage was established to allow just that.

The Chief Rabbi then spoke on the Omer, Zionism and Antisemtism, followed by a lively Q&A session. Rabbi Salaznik then spoke, followed by dessert.

The gallery below gives a flavour of the evening.

The video below is the introduction to Project Engage, by Chazan Yossi Saunders and the Bushey Youth.

The video below is of Chief Rabbi Mirvis’ talk.

The video below is of the Question & Answer session with the Chief Rabbi. Some of the questions were inaudible, and have been editied out.

The vido below includes the vote of thanks to the Chief Rabbi, as well as Rabbi Salasnik’s speech.

The following week sees Sassy Reuvein who was one of the Israelis commanders involved in the raid on Entebbe speaking in honour of the 40 anniversary of the greatest hostage resue in history.

Other keynote speakers include Rabbi Laitner from US living and learning, Simi Ben Hurr, director of Sharrei Tzedek Hospital Uk and Simon Johnson, President of the JLC.

The eveings are split into two parts with a choice of breakout sessions on offer before the keynote speeches. Topics include Shabbat, Jewish British history and Jewish films.