Bushey Community meet Rabbi Elchonon and his family

18-Dec-2016 - 3:30pm

Rabbi and Rebbetzen Feldman together with their five children met the community.

Rabbi and Rebbetzen Feldman together with their five children Reuven, Malka, Shlomo, Yehuda and Yaakov introduced themselves to the Bushey shul community. Around 350 members of all ages attended to meet and greet the Feldman family. Many members who haven’t been for a while were re-united with friends and new members. Elaine Dryer and her committee laid on a wonderful afternoon tea event organised by our enthusiastic chairman, Sas Ezekiel.  Congregants chatted amongst themselves and met with the Rabbi and his family during the reception while music was played in the background by Bushey’s own Claude Vecht-Wolf and Daniel Goldwater.

Rabbi ‘Elchonon’ addressed the congregation to introduce himself and his wife, Jacqueline. His relaxed humour was instantly evident. He expressed his gratitude to the Bushey community for welcoming his family to the synagogue. He paid tribute to his predecessor Rabbi Salasnik whilst delivering his own aspirations for the future. He expressed his personal ambition to raise the profile of our community so that Bushey United Synagogue may be seen as a fantastic flagship of the United Synagogue aiming to bring diversity, inclusivity and forward thinking to Bushey.

Rabbi Elchonon (as he wishes to be known) announced a couple of new upcoming activities including the ‘Texas Dreidel’ game at the motze Shabbat Chanukah Havdalah on the first evening of Chanukah with doughnuts, mince pies and mulled wine!

On 22nd January he will be wearing (in his words) a ‘skirt’ (kilt) on Bushey’s first Burns Night (Haggis and all) with Rabbi Plancey as our guest on the bagpipes!
He also introduced Rebbetzen Jacqueline and mentioned that she is starting various groups for women and asks for as many women possible to meet with her to receive ideas of what women want from Bushey shul.

The afternoon finished with Rabbi Elchonon and family mingling with the crowd as they said their farewells. 

Deborah and Paul Austin