Rabbi Salasnik - This is Your Life

17-Jul-2016 - 8:00pm

The community held a 'This is Your Life' evening for Rabbi Salasnik at the Watford Coleseum.

On Sunday 17th July, the community held a ‘This is Your Life’ evening for Rabbi Salasnik. A write up can be seen on the US website.

Message from Rabbi Richards

When I first came out and saw the Rabbi, I was so emotional, I struggled to get the words out. The night could not have been more fitting for the Rabbi and Rebbetzen.

Please will you convey to all involved in that wonderful “This is your life” meeting at the Colosseum on Sunday that it was possibly the best evening’s entertainment I have ever been to. The program and the reception afterwards were magnificent. Thank you.

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you and all your helpers did in putting on such a wonderful tribute to Judy and Meir. It was a wonderful show from beginning to end and it was great to hear all the comments people were making during the interval and again at the end of the show.


At This is Your Life, Rabbi Salasnik was asked by Nigel Rothband the connections between Harold Bass, Barry Bloombaum, Barbara Loberman, Susan Marco, and Joe Skovron. He mentioned geographical connections. On reflection, Rabbi Salasnik has now made connections between all of these members and both his and Judy’s families.

  • Joe Skovron’s wife, Freda’s cousin’s son-in-law was Stephen Leboff, whose second cousin, Sheila Symons (née Leboff) is a second cousin of June Salasnik, mother of Meir Salasnik.
  • Barabara Loberman’s second cousin, Josie Davis’ aunt was Daphne Gnessen, whose husband, Arnold, was a nephew of Matt Roston, wife of Meir Salasnik’s great-uncle Hymie Roston.
  • Harold Bass’s niece, Philippa, is married to Mark Ford, whose cousin, Harris Turgel, is the father of Jonny Turgel, whose wife Rachel (née Peters) is the sister of Mimi Caller (née Peters), whose mother-in-law Philippa Caller (née Binstock) is a first cousin of Ruth Raisman, whose son-in-law Stuart Gnessen is a son of Arnold Gnessen, a nephew of Matt Roston, wife of Meir Salasnik’s great-uncle Hymie Roston.
  • Barry Bloombaum is married to Linda née Ordever, who is related to Ruthie Portnoy, whose husband, Joel, is a cousin of the Binstock family, which includes Ruth Raisman, whose son-in-law Stuart Gnessen is a son of Arnold Gnessen, a nephew of Matt Roston, wife of Meir Salasnik’s great-uncle Hymie Roston.
  • Susan Marco’s second cousin, Valerie, was married to the late David Braun, whose half-cousin, the late Ivor Freilich, was married to Sharon, Judy Salasnik’s cousin.

Comment from a member of another Shul

I’m not a member of Bushey Shul, but from a personal feeling, last night’s ceremony for Rabbi Salasnik was very, very well organised and very emotional! I have to say that from when I walked through the doors of the Colosseum, all the committee were very polite, warm and friendly. I have been to lots of events and this was really something very special and very moving! Bushey have really shown not just the community, but outside, what they can do. Bushey know how to do it and thank you all so much for a fantastic evening. It was a really wonderful night!!

I am sure that you will have been overwhelmed by laudatory messages for last night’s event. Nonetheless, I wanted to add my own voice to those of others and extend to you my warmest congratulations for organising such a truly memorable evening. I did not hear a single word of anything but the highest praise from the audience. It was a slick, professional and genuinely moving experience, which will long live in the memory.

The following pictures of the night are courtesy of Gary Perlmutter.

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