Uhrineves Torah Scroll

We are very fortunate to be custodians of a Czech Scroll. This is a scroll that was rescued from Czechoslovakia, brought to London in 1964 and restored by the Memorial Scrolls Trust.

For more information on how the scrolls were rescued, and their history, please visit the Memorial Scrolls Trust website.

The Czech Torah Scrolls History  also gives the brief Story of Czech Memorial Scrolls.

Bushey United Synagogue has been loaned Czech Memorial Scroll Number 733, from the town of Uhrineves, a suburb of Prague.

It is the tallest and, therefore, the slimmest Sefer Torah, in the Bushey Synagogue Ark, and is usually adorned with a crown rather than bells.

It is read from every Rosh Chodesh (new month) and every Yom Tov.