Our People

Rabbi Elchonon Feldman

Rabbi Elchonon Feldman

Originally from New York, Rabbi Elchonon Feldman, our passionate and dynamic Rabbi, joined Bushey United Synagogue along with his lovely wife Rebbetzin Jacqueline and their family, in December 2016 after five successful years at Belmont Synagogue.  Israel is very close to Rabbi Feldman’s heart, as he spent over a decade studying, teaching and receiving his Semicha (Rabbinical ordination) there.  Beyond Rabbinics, Rabbi Elchonon has a deep interest in psychotherapy and is currently completing his Masters in this field, which will complement his certification as an addiction counsellor and his Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts.  Our Rabbi’s interests include playing guitar, enjoying a fine whisky with friends and proselytising American sport to the unsuspecting masses.  As a Rabbinic couple the Feldmans bring a vibrancy and warmth to our community and, with their modern flair, they are looking forward to guiding Bushey Synagogue towards a bright and exciting future as one of Anglo Jewry’s flagship communities.

Assistant Rabbinical Team

Rabbi Nick & Rebetzen Shira Kett

As of October 2017 we welcome Family Kett to our community as our new Assistant Rabbinical Team. We welcome Rabbi Nick together with his wife Shira and their children Miri (6) Doniel (3) and Dassi (1).

Originally from London, they have just moved from Hale in South Manchester, where they have been working with the young families and youth for five years.

A former JFS boy from Belmont, Rabbi Nick studied at the closest Yeshiva to the Western Wall, Netiv Aryeh, which was followed by three years studying law in university in Manchester. Discovering he was better at communal work than law, he returned to Israel to study for the Rabbinate, during which time he met and married Shira.

Shira is originally from Hendon, and went to Hasmonean. She is a professional wig stylist and hairdresser, a budding artist, an accomplished cook and baker, and has a fantastic reputation for her delicious Shabbat meals! Shira puts a great deal of love and time into any project, and is so excited to be able to do the same in Bushey.

Honorary Officers

Jonathan Kalms - Chairman / Building & site management / Security / Gan / Shabbat UK / Forum

I have lived in Bushey (this time round) for five and a half years. I am married to Lynsey and have two boys Benjamin and Jamie. During the day,  I run a wholesale toiletries company.

My role on the Board is Chairman and overseeing most that goes on and this has been my first involvement in the Bushey Community.

I like living in Bushey because I have my friends and family close by and I love the community feel. I love the shul because it is so friendly and welcoming.

My favourite Jewish festival is Rosh Hashana because I love being around family and friends and the food is good !

Favourite Holiday destinationIsrael
Dream carTo many to choose from
Actual carPorsche
Which Primary School did you go toRadlett Prep
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonHasn’t everyone bit difficult in the front row though, best spot behind the pillar.
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathNot bothered
Fiddler  OR  GreaseGrease
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Too young for either of these
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen Siddur
Fried  OR  BoiledFried

Stuart Bloom - Joint Vice Chair

I have lived in Bushey for 25 years with my wife Helen. I have 2 married sons, 2 daughters-in-law and 4 grandchildren who all live in Bushey. During the day, I am Non-exec director NHS, Sage Committee Chairman and a consultant for the United Synagogue, managing a mentor programme for them. I am Vice-Chair of the Board and have specific responsibility for welfare.

In fact, I have been a Board member for most of the last 17 years and always held the welfare portfolio.

I like “everything” about living in Bushey and am excited by the opportunity we now have to make Bushey shul the best!

My favourite Jewish festival is Pesach because the family is together and everyone participating.

Favourite Holiday destinationNone specifically
Dream carBentley coupe
Actual carJaguar
Which Primary School did you go toBroadfields, Edgware
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonNot recently
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseFiddler
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurNeither
Fried  OR  BoiledBoth!

Sarah Zackheim - Joint Vice Chair

I have lived in Bushey for 14 years. I am married to Richard and our three boys are Noah(12), Rafi(10) and Jay(5). We are always running in different directions apart from Friday night when we are all home and enjoy a harmonious(ish) dinner together.

Now Jay has started full-time school I had no more excuses not to return to work after a
10 year ‘break’, and in January started working part-time at the Office of the Chief Rabbi.

On the board I am Joint Vice Chair with a particular interest in in the planning and
managing of events..

I like living in Bushey because my friends are close by, family too. It’s got a nice community feel, you always bump into someone you know and can stop and have a chat and the shop owners know their customers by name and you can’t beat Kanteen challah.

What I love about the shul is that although the building isn’t the fanciest looking, the community itself has a warm feel and a buzz of energy. I love catching up with friends on Shabbat and my kids also feel very at home here.

My least favourite festival is Purim – kids fancy dress is not my forte. My favourite  is probably Pesach but that might have something to do with usually being in Israel rather than a deep spiritual reason.

Favourite Holiday destinationVancouver
Dream carA clean one, without raisins in between the seats
Actual carA dirty one with lots of chocolate wrappers, empty bottles and as I’m sure you’ve guessed…raisins between the seats.
Which Primary School did you go toHaberdashers
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonWhich Rabbi ?
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseGrease
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Neither – Heart in the morning, radio 5 in the afternoon
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledFried

Paul Belsman - Financial Representative

I have lived in Bushey for one year.  I have 4 daughters, 3 son in laws and 2 grandchildren- there is rarely a quiet moment. I practice as an accountant.

I am the FR of the shul . This means I need to try and ensure the finances are in order remaining sympathetic to the needs of a community. My short time as a member has been solely devoted to this activity so there has not been much time for anything else.

I like living in Bushey as it is very rural but close enough to the hub of the West End and City. I love the shul because of the warmth of the community despite its size.

Chanukah is my favourite festival as it also coincided with my Barmitzvah.

Favourite Holiday destinationIsrael
Which Primary School did you go toDeansbrook in Edgware
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonImpossible for anyone
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseFidler …sang it to my wife at our wedding
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledFried


David Harrod - Warden

Favourite Holiday destinationShanghai
Dream carTop of the range Jaguar saloon
Actual carKia Picanto
Which Primary School did you go toSelim Primary – Aden
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonYes
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseGrease
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Paul Davis

Paul Davis - Warden

I have lived in Bushey for 23 years, and during the day I am a GP.

I am married to Amanda Jesky our first Women’s Liaison Officer. We have 3 children Daniel (22) , Yona (19) and Rafi (17). My parents and my in-laws also live in Bushey- like many families they followed us here.

A long time ago I was a warden for 2 years and a Shul council member for another 4 years. I used to serve on the education committee. I am one of the regular daveners on Shabbat, Chagim and the Yomim Noraim. I am member of the Chevra Kadisha. I also one of the team of volunteers who
take services at Sandringham Jewish Care Home (previous known as Princess Alexandra Home).

I like living in Bushey as its green and quiet and I can pretend to our co-religionists in Hendon and Golders Green that we live in the country. Bushey just about still maintains a village community spirit.

My favourite festival is Succot – because putting a Succah up proves that Jews can do DIY. And try explaining to a non Jew why we are sitting in a hut in our gardens in cold, windy rainy October

Favourite Holiday destinationIsrael
Dream carDB9
Actual cari20
Which Primary School did you go toGearies, Ilford
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonEasier to remember the weeks I have not fallen asleep
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey
Fiddler  OR  GreaseFiddler
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 5 Live
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurKoren
Fried OR BoiledFried

Richard Gilbert - Warden

I’ve lived in Bushey for 22 years. During the day I am a Family lawyer. I am married, with two sons aged 18 & 16.

This is my second time as a Warden. I have also served on the Board of Management both in Bushey & Edgware. Myinvolvement in communal activism started when I was a teenager when I was a manager at Brady Maccabi. From there I went on to student politics becoming the Anti Racisim Officer at the Student Union, Religious Affairs Officer and Chair of the Jewish Society and student representative on the Merseyside Student Representative
Council. In Bushey I have taken children’s services, run explanatory services,
organised the baby blessing ceremonies that we had 3 times a year and helped
organise adult education events.

I like living in Bushey because it has a semi rural feel. I love the Shul because of its warmth. Ever since Vicki & I first came to shul after we got married we have felt at home here, which is something I never experienced in the community I grew up in.

My favourite Jewish festival is Shavuot – it’s an excuse just to be and spend time with family and friends and to ditch all things parev.

Favourite Holiday destinationNew York
Dream carBentley Continental
Actual carHonda HRV
Which Primary School did you go toHolland House Preparatory School
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonOf course not
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseFiddler – I was Tevye when I was 18
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4 to my children’s shame
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurNeither – Koren – The future’s bright the future’s Koren
Fried  OR  BoiledBoth

Women's Officer

Amanda Jesky

Favourite Holiday destinationIsrael! Because it has it all
Dream carMERKAVA TANK- because I could park it anywhere
Actual carVW GOLF
Which Primary School did you go toSome far far away school in Jerusalem
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonImpossible!
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseIf I were a rich men!
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledFried, obviously

Council Members

Efrat Colover

Efrat Colover

I have lived in Bushey for five years with my husband Leo who is an airline pilot and my two children Ethan,7 and Mila 5. During the day I am an architectural consultant and art agent, and an Ivrit Teacher (as a hobby).

I have a few Board portfolios- Jami ambassador, Mental health, Architecture, and others. I have also been involved with Yom ha’zikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut.

I like living in Bushey becauseit’s pretty and quiet and I love the Shul for meeting friends and the many events.

My favourite Jewish festival is Succot because  it’s about hosting and eating.

Favourite Holiday destinationIsrael
Dream carVW campervan
Actual carVW GOLF
Which Primary School did you go toTalpiot Jerusalem…
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonYou are kidding me, right?
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseFiddler
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledFried

Max Curtis

I have lived in Bushey for 8 years in a house full of beautiful women – Jo my wife, and our two young daughters. There’s a lot of pink stuff everywhere, and high levels of emotional intelligence. During the day, I am the Director of  Communications for a Housing Association.

My portfolio on the Board is Communications. It involves helping tell the  incredible story of everything we do here at Bushey Synagogue. For the last 6 years, I have been on the rota for taking the toddlers’ service on a Shabbat morning. I help run the Synagogue Facebook group, and manage the shul team for the annual football grudge match against the Gan (nursery) Dads.

Bushey is the best place to live. It’s got a countryside vibe but you can get to Central London in less than an hour! I love our shul – the people make it.

My favourite Jewish festival is Sukkot. An evening in a Sukkah with friends and a bottle of scotch is just the best.

Favourite Holiday destinationAnywhere with a water park
Dream carA bright green Lambourghini. Just because
Actual carToyota Avensis
Which Primary School did you go toOsidge Primary School in Southgate
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonI can’t remember the last time the kids have let me make it that far in the main service!
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathIt’s all one and the same
Fiddler  OR  GreaseGrease Lightening baby!
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Kisstory
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledHead says boiled. Heart says fried. Or should that be the other way round?

David Goldberg - Meet & greet rota / new members

I have lived in Bushey for 25 years. I am married to Nicky, we have 2 grown up kids Liora (23) and Asher (20). During the day, I consult for a number of charities offering recruitment services, strategy, training fundraisers and mentoring Chief Executives, having spent more than 35 years working in the Jewish community.

On the Board, I have the “New Members” portfolio working alongside Jeanine Ottman and a great committee to ensure that our new members are welcomed into the community. I also get involved with ad-hoc projects behind the scenes as and when needed.

Many years ago, I was involved with BYS (Bushey Youth Scene), have served on numerous committees over the years. I am currently involved with the Shabbat Welcoming Team and the Come Dine with Us Friday Night project. Nicky and I host the Chiltern Avenue Friday Night Minyan in the summer and we regularly lead services at Jewish Care’s Princess Alexander Home on Shabbat and Festivals.

We like living in Bushey because we like “living on the edge” of the main Jewish community. I guess it characterises where we are as modern orthodox Jews. The one thing I love about the shul is the Kiddish on Shabbat morning. It is cornerstone of our social life (I know that sounds sad) but it is where we have made close friends who have become family (and even family who we have become close friends) – where we and all our kids, have shared many life events – week in week out for 25 years.

We enjoy Pesach, the planning, preparing and the triumph at getting everything ready. We have also loved seeing our kids and many of our friends and family participate, enjoy, learn and embrace our Seder nights, that sometimes go on until the wee small hours.

Favourite Holiday destinationIsrael
Dream carA nice, clean and new Toyota Prius
Actual carA battered, dirty, old Toyota Prius
Which Primary School did you go toHasmonean Primary School
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonYes (sorry Rabbi!)
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey
Fiddler  OR  GreaseFiddler
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledFried – and with sugar
Nicky Goldman

Nicky Goldman

I have lived in Bushey for 26 years. In my day job, I am the Chief Executive of the Jewish Volunteering Network (JVN), which connects volunteers to volunteering opportunities across the Jewish and wider communities.

David Goldberg (also a Council member) and I have been married for 31 years. We have 2 children, Liora and Asher and a new son-in-law, Dan Seligman.

My Council portfolio is Education – working with the Rabbinic team and Education committee to plan education events across the year.

I have been involved in the Bushey Synagogue community over the last 26 years, although this is my first time on the Council!

In 1995 I chaired the Bushey weekend programme, Bushey 125, for the US’s 125th anniversary. From 2000 for 3 years I was one of the lay presenters of High Holydays explanations.

In 2003 I was a member of Long-Range Planning Group and from 2005-9 I was a Children’s Service Leader. In 2008 I started a new initiative at Bushey Synagogue ‘Lunch for Locals’.

In 2014 & 2015, I co-chaired Bushey Shabbat UK and in 2017 I chaired the Shabbat UK programme. In 2017 I was on the selection committee for the Assistant Rabbinical team.

I am currently on the welcome team and the women’s sub-committee. Last October I planned and facilitated the Bushey Board Strategy Day with Rabbi Elchonon and the HOs.

For the last 15 years David and I have hosted the satellite Friday night service in the summer in our home. Since 2012 we have also co-led Shabbat morning and festival services at our local Jewish Care
home, now known as Sandringham.

I like living in Bushey as it is a lovely area where you can breathe. When I get onto the M1 after work, I usually find myself taking in a great breath of air. It is small enough to get your arms round but not too small where you feel enclosed.

One of the reasons that we moved to Bushey was that we had visited for a family Barmitzvah and we had been really struck by how everyone helped out to convert the shul into a lunch space. And that spirit of everyone helping out still happens 30 years later, when there are currently an incredible 400 people who volunteer for and through our shul.

I love the way that we are part of a community of different ages, stages and lifestyles and that we are accepted for who we are. It feels like a regional community, with that level of friendliness and warmth.

I also have to say that I am a huge fan of Rabbi Elchonon and Jacqueline and Rabbi Nick and Shira – we are blessed to have each of them in our lives.

My favourite Jewish festival is Shavuot – not as much effort as the others and you can just relax with friends and eat cheesecake – with a bit of learning thrown in.

Favourite Holiday destinationIsrael
Dream carPorsche
Actual carHonda Civic
Which Primary School did you go toKing David Primary, Liverpool
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonIt’s useful sometimes wearing a hat with a large brim
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey
Fiddler  OR  GreaseBoth
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Neither
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen (I was converted)
Fried  OR  BoiledBoiled

Daniel Goldwater - Youth line manager / youth

I have lived in Bushey for 17 years. I am married to Fran and have a daughter, Ella (14) and a son, Jacob (13 – not long since his bar mitzvah).  We are all regular fixtures at shul. I am a GP in Harrow.

I am responsible for Youth on the board.  This has involved recruiting and appointing our youth directors and line managing and overseeing what they are doing. I am also one of the resident shul musicians, playing keyboard at many different events.  I have conducted children’s’ services since the dawn of time and I am sometimes found leading services on Shabbat morning. I was also on the selection committee for our wonderful Rabbi Elchonon and Jacqueline.

I love living in Bushey because there is a wonderful community in Bushey and with our new Rabbinic team, I feel there is nowhere we cannot go! In the shul, there is warmth and feeling of being part of something great.

My favourite festival is Rosh Hashana – time to reflect and renew.

Favourite Holiday destinationAnywhere not here!
Dream carPorsche
Actual carToyota Auris Hybrid (old but great!)
Which Primary School did you go toKing David Junior in Manchester
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonMe?  Never!!
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath (close to shops and places of worship)
Fiddler  OR  GreaseFiddler – no contest
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledFried – naughty but nice
Alan Graham

Alan Graham MBE

My wife Jenny, a Magistrate, and I have lived in Bushey for 44 years.  We have two married daughters Caroline and Lucie, both of whom attended the Ganim and were Bat Chayil in Bushey. I retired in 2004 as a main Board Director of Rothschilds Bank, with whom I spent a 40-year career (in Europe, North America and Asia). I now have several Non-Executive and Trustee roles in the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors, including membership of the Boards of the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman and The Insolvency Service, both of whose Audit Committees I also chair. I am former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, a Non-Executive Director of The Charity Bank, a Member of the F.A Disciplinary (Anti-Discrimination) Chairman’s Panel and a Trustee of Watford Peace Hospice Care, also supported by the shul Tzedakah fund.

I am ‘without portfolio’, but undertake specific projects for the Board. I am currently chairing a working group looking at the community care, social and welfare provision to the senior (age 70+) members of the Synagogue – which we have styled “Project Primetime”. I have served several previous terms on the Board – two as Vice Chairman – and a number of years as a US Council representative. I have served on the current Board for 8 years, during which time I chaired the ‘Community Strategic Review’ group, which reported in 2013, and also the group responsible for overseeing the creation of the new Bushey Synagogue Website. In 1998, I chaired the ‘Community First’ communications and marketing project, which was launched to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the consecration of the new Synagogue and Community Centre. Until 2005, I sat on the United Synagogue ‘Community Development’ Committee, when I also chaired the planning group for the US ‘Kehillah’ Conference at Wembley, to mark the 10th Anniversary of the induction of Chief Rabbi Sacks.

Bushey has been my home/base for over 40 years. I enjoy the rural atmosphere, the sense of community and membership of the shul with its wide range of social, cultural, educational and spiritual activities. Chanukah is my favourite festival. It restores my spirit during the winter months at the end of the secular year.

Favourite Holiday destinationNorth America
Dream carCadillac
Actual carBMW
Which Primary School did you go toEdgware Primary School
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonYes !
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey
Fiddler  OR  GreaseFiddler
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledFried

Marc Jacobs - Young Families & Children Services

I have lived in Bushey for 3 years moving across the divide from the Essex. Emma and I have been married for 7 years and have 2 beautiful children Noah 5 & Ariela 2. Noah currently at HJPS whilst Ariela loving her time at Bushey Gan.

During the day, I am a Sales Director for a Confectionery and Snacks manufacturer.

My portfolio on the Board is Young Families & Children Services – not quite sure what that entails yet- suffice it to say it’s going to be a superb journey! Since moving into the community just over 3 years ago we have immersed ourselves in all events family related. In addition I’m thoroughly enjoying my time leading the Sparks children services both on Shabbat and the chaggim.

Without it sounding cheesy Bushey provides us with everything we need with the future looking bright (not orange!) and we love everything about our shul. My favourite Jewish festival is Simchat Torah as I love the feeling of joy and celebration that comes with it.

Given that my children are very young I don’t get to listen too often therefore NO!

Favourite Holiday destinationIsrael and USA
Dream carPorsche 911
Actual carInfinity Q30
Which Primary School did you go toRedbridge Primary
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonGiven that my children are very young I don’t get to listen too often therefore NO!
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseGrease
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledFried
Orley Kutner

Orley Kutner

I have lived in Bushey for 2 years. My day job is as a registered and practicing nutritional
therapist. I have a husband Jonathan, and 3 children aged 12, 9 and 7, also Cookie (miniature schnauzer), Victor (bearded dragon), Giggles and Peanut (guinea pigs).

I will be involved in the children and youth,particularly the “transition” ages of years 5-6, who are approaching the end of children’s services and about to enter into youth. I would love to bring my passion for health and nutrition into my role as well – I have some ideas…

In my time in Stanmore I was involved in the children’s services and events committee. I look forward to bringing my skills and experience to my role here in Bushey!

I like living in Bushey as it has a bit of a village feel, yet everything on our doorstep. Love all the local shops and that we can walk to shul in 10 minutes!

I love that we were welcomed into the shul and community from day 1, it’s a lovely community and always so much going on- events, activities, programmes.

My favourite Jewish festival is Pesach – not all the preparations but love a big seder night with our family and friends


Favourite Holiday destinationIsrael
Dream carTesler
Actual carSkoda
Which Primary School did you go toRosh Pinah
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonHeaven forbid!
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathHeath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseOn the one hand… I love Fiddler. On the
other hand… no, there is no other hand!
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Classic FM for me!
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurThat’s a tough one…
Fried  OR  BoiledDon’t get me started!!
Kathy Peters

Kathy Peters

I have lived in Bushey for 3 years. Now I have retired, I am busy doing everything I didn’t have time for when I was working. I also run a Forum for Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators of Jewish Primary Schools.

I am married to Alan. We have two daughters, Nicola who lives in Manchester and Carolyn who lives in Edgware. My poor husband has had to put up with a wife and two daughters in the teaching profession!! We have 5 grandchildren – 4 princes and one princess!! One grandson is currently at yeshiva in Israel, the others are at various stages of A levels, GCSEs and the youngest has a Bar Mitzvah coming up soon.

My portfolio is the Green Shuls Initiative. This is a new direction for our Shul and we will be looking to see how as a community we can help ‘save the planet!’

Since moving to Bushey, I have volunteered for the Welcome Groups, Kiddush duty, helping with various events as and when I was able. For the past 3 years, we were part of the Shavuot crew!!

I love living in Bushey as we are in the countryside but with easy access to London. The best of both worlds!

I love the Shul for the warmth, inclusiveness and vibrancy of the community. It reminds us of our early days in Kenton!

I don’t have a favourite Jewish Festival as I love all the various festivals as each brings something special and different into ourlives.

Favourite Holiday destinationAnywhere, which is hot and sunny
Dream carRange Rover
Actual carQashqai
Which Primary School did you go toSolomon Wolfson
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonDon’t think so!!
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseBoth
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Prefer LBC
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurNot fussed – the words are the same!
Fried  OR  BoiledMy heart says fried!!
Leslie Pollock

Leslie Pollock

I have lived in Bushey for almost 10 years now. I am now retired, having been a director of a furniture company for almost 40 years.  I have a son and 5 grandchildren in Borehamwood and a daughter and 5
grandchildren in Israel.

For the the last 5 years I was a Warden. I started the BLT programme with Rabbi Richards, and helped start Sage. I am involved with various social events.

I like living in Bushey as we have always found the community warm and inviting and we like living in the ‘village’ like environment.

I love that Bushey Shul is inclusive and  with a friendly nature. Its wide range of activities both social and educational, and dare I say it – the rabbinical team.

I can say my least favourite Jewish festival is Succot as I nearly got arrested, but that is another story.


Favourite Holiday destinationThe Caribbean
Dream carAustin Metropolitan ( I bet no one knows what that is)
Actual carHonda Jazz
Which Primary School did you go toKelvin Grove – Gateshead
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonRegularly – especially the one on Friday night
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey
Fiddler  OR  GreaseNeither – The Blues Brothers
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledFried during the week and Boiled onShabbat and Yom Tov

Nicole Rothband

We joined the Bushey community as newlyweds 29 years ago. During the day I am a Specialist Paediatric Dietitian. I am married to polymath Nigel and have two adult sons Jack who is an IT support engineer and Harry who is a train engineer.

I am the board liaison for social action projects such as Bushey Gives Back and Mitzvah Day.

I helped to set up Bushey Young Marrieds in our early years as members and served on the board. Currently I am on the welcoming team, I am a ladies shammas and I occasionally chair the shul debates. I generally help out when asked to join ad hoc projects and events.

We started married life in Bushey and then accidentally moved to Stanmore and have been trying to move back ever since as we love the village atmosphere and we have made lifelong friends in the community.

I love that our shul is a warm and welcoming place that feels like an extended family.

My favourite Jewish festival is Shavuot; who doesn’t like cheesecake and flowers?

Favourite Holiday destinationThe Seychelles
Dream carOne that works and gets me from A to B
Actual carA red one that does the above (I’m not into cars as status symbols)
Which Primary School did you go toHaberdasher’s Askes’ School for Girls
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonNo but I can give you names …….
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseDepends on my mood
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Depends on my mood
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledBoth if my lovely Mum has made it, otherwise neither
Juliet Solomon.

Juliet Solomon

I moved to Bushey in September 2017 when Cedric and I got married. Together we have four children, and have just become grandparents!. Ruby is at Haberdasher’s Sixth Form, Solly is in Year 11 at Immanuel, Emma is a newly qualified doctor undertaking her F2 training at St Mary’s Hospital and James married Sharelle and they have just had a baby girl Lielle. Ruby and Solly both help run BA on Shabbat afternoons and Ruby works in Bushey Tribe Cheder on Sunday mornings.

During the day, I am the Assistant Vice President for TK Maxx responsible for their European Legal-Real Estate Department.

On the Board, I will run the Kol Nidrei Appeal and generally help the new Ladies Honorary Officer Amanda Jesky to enrich the experience of women and girls within orthodox halacha in the community. More generally for the shul I assist with Kiddush duty and I’m on a rota to help run the Shabbat services at the Princess Alexandra Home. For the past 5 years, I have been on the Hasmonean PTA running the Books for Birthdays fundraising campaign.

I like living in Bushey because it’s pretty, green and leafy and every road is different with the village having an interesting history. It reminds me of my home town in South Manchester. We are really grateful for the warmth and friendship of all the people who have welcomed our new family into the shul.  We are constantly amazed at how many people give their time and energy to our community, rather than consider what they can get out of the shul. We are definitely living in a golden era being led by Rabbi and Rebbetzin Feldman and are truly blessed to have this quality of leadership.

My favourite Jewish festival is Shavuot –as I’m a vegetarian!!

Favourite Holiday destinationIsrael
Dream carMini
Actual carMini
Which Primary School did you go toWithington Girls’ School, Manchester
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonNo I was inspecting the inside of my eye lids
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseGrease
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurGreen
Fried  OR  BoiledFried
Paul Tobin

Paul Tobin

I have lived in Bushey foe 15 and half years, and am the managing director of a sales agency that help launch footwear brands to the UK. I am married to Lisa and have 3 children Jamie(17), Max(15) and Hannah(9).

As well as helping to protect our community, I help with the Shul Facebook page.

I like living in Bushey as it has a great community with many friends and family nearby.

I love the Shul as it has a fantastic security team.

My favourite Jewish festival is Chanukah, as I am a little partial to a doughnut.

Favourite Holiday destinationThailand
Dream carAston Martin DB5
Actual carVW Golf
Which Primary School did you go toStanmore
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonThat would be a bit tricky standing outside
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseGrease
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Neither
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurWhen I’m inside Green
Fried  OR  BoiledFried

Brad Werner

Favourite Holiday destinationNew York
Dream carRimac Concept One – Worlds First Electric Supercar
Actual carAudi Q5
Which Primary School did you go toRadlett Preparatory
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermonOn the contrary, Rabbi Feldman’s sermons wake me up!
Bushey  OR  Bushey HeathBushey Heath
Fiddler  OR  GreaseFiddler  – no contest!
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4Radio 4 – again no contest!
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon SiddurWhatever I can get my hands on first!
Fried  OR  BoiledBoiled – except when it comes to fishballs!

Board of Deputies

Board of Deputies elections take place every three years in Synagogues and communal organisations throughout the nation. This year those elections were more hotly contested than ever before. In Hampstead Garden Suburb, for example, there were eleven candidates for four slots and throughout the country many veteran Deputies lost their seats in the face of a surge of interest in the Board which resulted in more young people and women being returned than ever before. The democratic mandate gives the Board its legitimacy. The voters are rank and file members of the constituent Synagogues. In Bushey, three Candidates and one “Under 35 Observer” were elected by members. The Board is financed by the £25 Communal Levy which individual members are requested to pay via their Synagogue accounts. The Deputies elected for Bushey are accountable to the members who pay their Communal Levy and if any Bushey member wants to raise an issue concerning the Jewish community either in the UK or anywhere in the world they should contact their elected Deputy who will be pleased to deal with any matter referred to them. To see further information, follow the link to the Board of Deputies Website.

Laurence Brass

Laurence was originally elected to represent Bushey Synagogue on the Board of Deputies in 1974. By the end of the current triennium he will thus have served 42 consecutive years on the Board. During that time he has been actively involved in most of the Board’s major committees. In 2009 he first became an Hon Officer when he was elected as Treasurer and he has now been re-elected to that post for another three year term. He chaired the Board’s 250th Anniversary Committee in 2010. He now heads the Finance and Organisation Division of the Board and he aims to continue his programme of travelling the country addressing Synagogues and communal organisations on the work of the Board. Laurence spent most of his professional career as a Solicitor but was then appointed as a Judge in which capacity he now sits in the “First Tier Tribunal” dealing specifically with Asylum cases and Incapacity Benefit appeals. He is married to Hilary and they have two children: Gemma (married to Gary) and Andrew (married to Andrea), and both families live in Bushey and are members of the Synagogue. Gemma and Gary currently have one child, Brady, who attends Gan Aviv and Andrew and Andrea have a daughter, Harley, who will be two in August.

Jeff Norman

My late wife Elizabeth and I moved into Bushey in 1974 with our one-year old son, Robbie, to be joined by Laurence in 1976. We have been delighted to see the community grow to its current size without losing its special, personal touch. My background is Finance in a commercial environment, whilst Elizabeth taught French to the willing and unwilling. We have both been involved in voluntary work for the Jewish community – Elizabeth for Miyad and, for the last 2/3 years, I have been supporting the networking team at Resource. I look forward to making a community-wide contribution.

Ella Rose

In December 2013 I was elected as President of the Union of Jewish Students, a position from which I stepped down from in June 2015. I’ve represented 8,500 Jewish students to the Prime Minister, various Secretaries of States, Ambassadors Taub and Gould, and the international community, as well as sitting on the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies. In March I was named the most influential British Jew under the age of 25 by a cross-communal panel of Jewish leaders. President of the Board, Vivian Wineman described me as contributing ‘a considerable footprint’ to Jewish life in Britain. I tell you all this not as a boast but in an attempt to show you my suitability to representing you and our community at the Board of Deputies. I know what it means to represent a community which is unified not uniform in their opinions, as I have done for students over the past year. I’ve been incredibly lucky with the opportunities I’ve had, as well as the support from the Bushey community. I feel its now my turn to give back, and represent Bushey to the best of my ability.

Youth Leaders

Avi Solomon & Rina

Avi is of North West London descent, having spent his schooling years in Hasmonean, played football for Hendon United and, like all good Londoners, supports Manchester United. He was a devout Ezra Madrich in his earlier years and has always placed youth work on the forefront of his agenda. He spent 3 years in Israel, 2 in a Yeshiva called KBY and the third as a Madrich in a Yeshiva in the Old City known as Aish Gesher. It was in his third year in the Holy Land that he struck gold and met his lovely fiancé Rina. He is now studying accounting and finance through LSE.
Rina is not from around these parts. She was born in Queens New York and subsequently moved to a small town in New Jersey called Twin Rivers. She attended Bruriah High School and was heavily involved in the youth movement NCSY, of which she was appointed Regional President in her final year of school. After school she spent a year in a Seminary in Israel called Michlala, during which she did alright and met Avi. She is now in Toruo College in Manhattan getting a degree in Business Psychology.
Avi and Rina are getting married, please G-d, at the end of March. Til then, Rina will be in the States, and Avi in Bushey, and after which Rina will join us here!
Favourite Holiday destination 
Dream car 
Actual car 
Which Primary School did you go to 
Ever fallen asleep during Rabbi’s sermon 
Bushey  OR  Bushey Heath 
Kelmans  OR  Flax 
Fiddler  OR  Grease 
Radio 2  OR  Radio 4 
Green Siddur  OR  Maroon Siddur 


Mary Chambers

Mary has been the administrator at Bushey Shul for well over 30 years. She has a son, a daughter and a beautiful grandson. You can phone Mary on 020 8950 7340 Option 1, or  her.

Michelle Lassman

Michelle joined Bushey Shul as Assistant Administrator in February 2013. Michelle, who is married with two young children, previously worked at Borehamwood & Elstree Synagogue and will be assisting Mary on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. You can phone Michelle on 020 8950 7340 Option 1, or  her.