With the United Synagogue mission of ‘Living, Learning and Caring, US Chesed represents the ‘Caring’ side of the work of the organisation. Within the US, Chesed is part of the Community Division.

Chesed (loving kindness) is a central Jewish value along with Torah (Jewish Learning) and Avodah (Service of G-d). Acts of loving kindness (Chesed), taught the Sages, are greater even than tzedakah. Tzedakah can be done only towards the poor, but loving-kindness can be directed towards the rich and poor.

Bushey Community Cares represents the Chesed towards the responsibility we have to helping our own members. (See Bushey Community Cares section).

Chesed also teaches us the Jewish responsibility we have for our fellow human beings, encourages and facilitates more acts of charity and kindness and inspires our community to make a difference to the wider world around us.

Activities such as old spectacles, toys, old shoes, baby clothes are just some of the collections we have contributed to enabling such items to be sent to poorer countries desperate for help. Blood donation sessions have been held in some Shuls.

We hope to continue our contribution to Chesed projects in the future and will keep you advised of projects as they arise.

Herts Community Meals

If you live in Hertfordshire and qualify for the Herts Community Meals service, you can receive the kosher meals they deliver

See for further details.