Lulav & Etrog

The Shul can purchase Arba Minim (Etrog & Lulav) on your behalf

If you would like your own Etrog & Lulav, then we can purchase it for you. This year our supplier has kept his prices the same as last year. We can supply Arba Minim at a price of £19.50, £25.50, £28.00, £37.00 or £46.00 the difference being in the quality of the etrog. All sets include a bound lulav with hadasim and aravot, a plastic case for the lulav and a box for the etrog.

The sets at £19.50 are described by the supplier as ‘Chinuch’ (Educational) sets aimed at youth and first-time buyers – 100% kosher but very basic – some may be grown without a pitum. Sets of types A to D are usually also available grown without a pitum (safer if you have young children).

To avail yourself of this service, Download the form Arba 19, fill it in and return to BusheyArbaMinim, following the payment instructions included.