Youth & Childrens' Services

Every Shabbat and festival, Bushey shul provides four services for children and older youth: Bushey Sparks (for toddlers to reception), Bushey Flames (for years 1-3), the Bushey Fires (for years 4-6) and the Youth Service. Each service has its own character, and children from both Jewish and non-Jewish schools are welcomed. There will be a ‘big’ Kiddush on the first Shabbat of every month, with smaller offerings on the other weeks.

  • Bushey Sparks – For children attending nursery and reception, the Bushey Sparks service is held in the Gan area of the shul. Children enjoy lovely songs, stories and a run through of a traditional Friday night. Sparks also have an exciting new siddur to use. The service ends with a biscuit and a trip into the main shul to receive a sweet from the Rabbi.
  • Bushey Flames – The Flames service is for years 1-3, and incorporates a few basic Shabbat morning prayers, followed by games and discussions. Our children love attending and always welcome new friends. Held in the Gan area of the shul.
  • Bushey Fires – Years 4-6 enjoy coming to the Fires service, held in the Upper Gan room every Shabbat morning. The service aims to teach our children about the prayer service and to become familiar with the prayers whilst having fun and amongst friends. Each week, the service is followed by a Kiddush.
  • Youth Service – Youth in years 7 and above are welcome to join the Youth Service held in the Bradley Krett Youth Building.

For more information, please contact the Bushey Tribe Youth Team. Also see the Youth & Children section. For information on Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) to help with obtaining a school place, see Admission Policies.