Bushey Shabbat UK Friday Night Dinner Ideas

Bushey Shabbat UK Friday Night Dinner Ideas

Whether hosting a traditional Friday night dinner, something more meaningful than usual, or something unexpected, we have a myriad of ideas to give your evening an ‘edge’.

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Tried and tested Shabbat Recipes for a gastronomical success. Click here for recipes.

The Friday Night Dinner Taste Challenge – who makes the best challah/chicken soup in the area? Let everyone try various brands/makes of challah/hummus/chopped liver etc and debate what makes the perfect meal.

Themes: Add a theme to your evening… A country theme, A colour theme? A biblical theme, A murder mystery theme….

Invite a number of friends round for a ‘moving meal’ with the starter at one, the main course at the next person’s house, dessert at another’s, coffee and chocolate at the first. To make the event halachic you could ‘bensch’ after the first course at the first house, and then make other brachot e.g. shehakol at the other homes.

The ‘Make or Bring, Show and Tel’l Dinner – introduce some deeper meaning by asking your guests to make or bring something to talk about and use at the Shabbat dinner table. They could all be asked to make/bring a kiddush cup/candle sticks etc and explain why they have made them in the style they have or why what they have brought is important to them.

The Ritual Dinner – ask your guests to prepare something to explain why we do the ritual we do. Why are there two challot? Why do we drink wine before eating? Where does the tradition of kneidel come from?

The Childrens’ Perspective – involve the children and ask them to create decorations for the table which explain what Shabbat means to them and ask them to talk about it to spark discussion about what Shabbat means to your other guests too. 

Talk Torah! The Parsha (Torah reading) for Shabbat UK 2015 is Parshat Lech Lecha. Prepare or ask others to prepare a thought to share which relates to this brilliant parsha to stimulate discussion around the table.