Social & Cultural Learning

The aim of the Bushey Social and Events Committee is to create a full programme of interesting and fun packed events offering a broad mixture for the whole community.

We aim to give members the chance to socialise together and to get to know each other in an informal and relaxed way and at the same time create a sense of community togetherness. The Programme is aimed at all age groups.

On Sunday 17 February 2013 over 80 members of Bushey United Synagogue were entertained and educated at a Wine Tasting and Comedy Evening.

Organised by “The Bushey Social Committee”, the evening was a great success. The wine tasting was hosted by Danny Saltman, known as “The Wine Man” from Edgware, a 21st century specialist wine merchant. He shared his knowledge, passion and expertise with all those present and gave guests an opportunity to taste and sample wine from Israel, Spain, Australia and the USA. This enabled guests to enjoy the wines on offer whilst at the same time opening their eyes, minds and taste buds. The wines were accompanied by a selection of sushi, cheeses and dips.

The enthusiastic audience were entertained by the highly acclaimed comedy writer and producer Ashley Blaker. Responsible for unleashing the comedy phenomenon of “Little Britain” on the nation, Ashley is the only person working in comedy with a kippah, tzitzit and payot, whilst also being the only person in TV who does not own a TV himself! Ashley delighted the audience with his experiences of working in TV and Radio alongside comedy greats such as Angus Deayton, Joan Rivers, Clive Anderson and Graham Norton. He can now add Bushey to his impressive repertoire!

Having the opportunity to hear first-hand from Ashley about the inner workings of the Comedy Department at the BBC gave everyone an insight into how a “frum Jew” can survive in the world of the media.

Commenting on the evening, Stephen Roston, Vice Chairman of Bushey Synagogue said:
The Bushey Social Committee is a wonderful group of hard working and dedicated members of our community. They now have a track record of hosting successful and well attended events for the whole Bushey Community that are fun and interesting. This was a wonderful evening that gave people the opportunity to relax and socialise with friends whilst at the same time being entertained by The Wine Man and Ashley Blaker. We are all looking forward to many more events from The Bushey Social Committee“.

Here are some photos from this event.

We are very keen to hear from anyone who would like to join our small but extremely enthusiastic Committee.

If there any other events that are not planned that you would like to see us organise please make any suggestions via the Administrator in the Synagogue office.