Bridge Club

Bridge Club – Jennifer Munitz

Jennifer has been playing Kalooki since she was 6 years’ old. Her interest in the game blossomed into a passion for Bridge, and she has been running an established and popular Bridge Club at Bushey Shul. This Bridge Club will now run within the Bushey Sage range of courses.

The Bridge Club will be run by Jennifer and two other very competent bridge players, and will be of interest to both experienced Bridge and Kalooki players. All participants are expected to have reached a proficient level, with everyone able to sit and enjoy the game. No individual attention or tuition is given. Any beginners will join the Bridge for Beginners.

When Bridge players join, they are asked what standard they feel they have reached. Jennifer’s experience is that most people enjoy playing with new people and are not grouped by her or her colleagues.

Jennifer is delighted to welcome people to Bushey Synagogue community, even though they may not join in any other areas of synagogue life. The atmosphere is informal and friendly.

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