IT Tuition

IT Tuition – Rowel Samuels & Laurence Bowman

Rowel has been working in IT for many decades. His expertise spans Apple and Windows devices. Laurence has used computing in his career, and now is knowledgeable in Android (and Windows) devices.

The IT course will initially cover use of phones and tablets, both Apple (iPhone, iPad) and Android (phone, tablet) devices, as well as Windows devices (but to a lessor extent), including such items as getting to know your device, use of App stores, apps such as WhatsApp, security, use of the Cloud, and managing photo collections.

Each sessions will be in two parts: the first at 1.30pm dealing with the topic for the day in a lecture / demonstration style, and the second at 3.15pm either continuing the first session, or more usually answering question in a more one-to-one way.

The only requirements for this course is that you own a smart phone, tablet, laptop or home computer, and want to get more out of it.

The course is not every week, as both instructors have other priorities, but is approximately every other week. 

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