Youth & Children Overview

Bushey shul endeavours to provide for both our children’s secular and religious learning. We aim to make our shul the social centre for our children, with activities and programmes to suit all age groups.

The journey begins with Bushey Gan, an early years’ nursery recently recognised to be outstanding by OFSTED. Here we provide a warm and friendly environment for our children to learn and develop. See Bushey Gan for details.

There is a Cheder, for those that do not attend a Jewish school.

On Shabbat, we have children’s services every Shabbat and festival. There are different services to suit your child’s age group and each service offers a fun and informative programme suitable for boys and girls of all levels of religious observance.

Children’s Services

Bushey shul provides four services for children and older youth: Bushey Sparks, Bushey Flames, Bushey Fires and the Youth Service. Each service has its own character and is followed by a ‘big’ Kiddush on the first Shabbat of every month. Children from both Jewish and non-Jewish schools are warmly welcomed. For information on Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) to help with obtaining a school place, see Admission Policies.

Bushey Sparks

Bushey Sparks logo

For children attending nursery and reception, the Sparks’ service is held in the Gan area of the shul. Children enjoy lovely songs, stories and a run through of a traditional Friday night. The service ends with a biscuit and a trip into the main shul to receive a sweet from the Rabbi.

Bushey Flames

Bushey Flames logo

The new Flames service for years 1-3 includes

  • Teffilah Burst – all your favourite prayers in a bite size format
  • Kiddush In A Cup – more than just a wafer!
  • Parsha Players – Lots of fun and games


We are too and we can’t wait to see you on Shabbat Morning

Our children love attending and always welcome new friends. Held in the Gan area of the shul.

Bushey Fires

Bushey Fires logo

Years 4-6 enjoy coming to the Bushey Fires service, held in the Upper Gan room every Shabbat morning. The service aims to teach our children about the prayer service and to become familiar with the prayers whilst having fun and amongst friends. This also acts as a bridge to our Yout Service.

Tribe Youth Service

Youth in years 7 and above are welcome to join the musaph Youth Service held in the Bradley Krett Youth Building.  Our brilliant Youth Service led by Avi integrates all that your teens would like in a Service. This is a fun and meaningful environment where your teenager will feel they belong.

Youth & Children’s Activities

Bushey Tribe runs a number of clubs, for youth from Year 5 upwards, and there are also Other Groups & Clubs.